Purple Bling Bear

Item: 14

Offered by: Tupper and Gilly

Description: This Zuni style Fetish Bear is all dressed up in purple glory, in memory if a Beloved Friend.

Made of soft, lavender colored sandstone, the top of the Bear is covered with matching lavender deerskin. Crystal bling swirls decorate each front leg and purple crystals dance along the sides. Golden swirls and pheasant feathers embellish the leather, and on the Bear's back is a natural crystal, dug by Storytelling hands in the wilds of New Mexico.
This Bear who symbolizes Courage, Laughter and Friendship would love to come and live in your home, or might be a perfect gift for someone who needs to have a little happy bling in their life.

The Bear is 8 1/2 inches long, and 6 1/2 inches high.

Opening Bid: $30.00 USD

Minimum Bid Increments: $5.00 USD